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National Bird Day

Take Action!

Photo: Foster Parrots

3 Ways You Can Help Captive Birds

You Can Help: When Radical is Responsible

by the Avian Welfare Coalition (AWC)


Animal Advocacy 101

by Born Free USA


10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Bird Happy


Help a Shelter Help Birds!

Does your local shelter take in birds?  Refer them to the AWC Shelter Outreach Resource Center for a variety of educational resources designed to help animal welfare professionals and shelters tend to the special needs of exotic birds.


Celebrate National Bird Day on January 5!

On and around January 5, join the Avian Welfare Coalition (AWC) in celebrating the annual National Bird Day: National Day of Action for Captive Birds by helping to educate the public about issues affecting captive birds and by asking Petco and PetsMart not to sell live birds in their stores. Click here for lots of activity ideas for adults and kids.


Avian Welfare Coalition (AWC) - Don't Breed. Don't Buy. ADOPT!Don't Breed. Don't Buy. ADOPT!

If you've done your homework and have decided that you are ready to care for a captive exotic parrot or other bird, help stop the parrot displacement problem by adopting a bird in need of a home rather than buying a bird from a pet store or breeder. There are lots of fabulous parrots waiting for people like you! Click here for a listing of Captive Bird Rescue & Placement Organizations.

Distribute Flyers & Fact Sheets


Download and print these flyers and fact sheets

Display AWC Banners & Buttons

Lucky the Lorikeet

Order Lucky: Based on a True Story.

Lucky is the perfect educational children’s book for parents and educators to gently awaken children to the plight of captive birds and birds captured in the wild. Visit to engage children in a learning experience about Lucky and his natural habitat, and to meet the real Lucky in a narrated documentary video clip.


AWC StoreWear an AWC T-Shirt and Start a Conversation!

The AWC Store has lots of clothing, drinkware, and other items sporting the AWC logo and the beautiful spokesparrots of our "Don't Breed. Don't Buy. ADOPT!" message. Wear a parrot shirt and start a conversation with friends, family, co-workers — even strangers — about captive bird welfare issues! Click here to browse our online AWC Store.


Report Bird Abuse or Neglect

Click here for more information on your state and local humane laws and how you can report bird neglect or abuse.


Help improve the care of a captive bird, read:

10 Things to Know Before Adopting a Bird


Lafeber Cares


Perspectives on Captive Exotic Bird Placement –  a webinar by the Avian Welfare Coalition and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries


Support Laws to Strengthen Protection for Captive Birds!

Click here to research existing and pending laws that impact animal welfare and learn more about animal law.

Learn more about the current law and suggested approaches to improving Captive Bird Welfare.

Take action to influence and support responsible legislation that will expand legal protection for captive parrots and other birds!
Contact Your Legislators