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National Bird Day

Achievements & Campaigns

Our Work on Behalf of Captive Birds

The AWC formed in the fall of 2000 to create a voice in the animal protection community for captive birds, and we’ve answered the call! Working with like-minded professionals in related fields, we work toward our goals by providing educational resources for animal advocates, the media, and the general public, and through special AWC sponsored programs.


Our Avian Welfare Resource Center at is the leading website dedicated to captive birds welfare and reaches an average of 20,000 visitors monthly.


Making a Difference for Captive Birds!

We can think of no animal protection coalition that has lasted as long as the AWC or been as productive with no paid staff. 100% of support given to AWC goes directly to supporting our collective goals and mission.


Current Programs and Activities:


  • Avian Shelter Outreach – We offer assistance, training, and educational resources to help shelter and animal care facilities serve the specialized needs of captive exotic birds within a shelter environment -- our handbook, Captive Exotic Bird Care: A Guide for Shelters, hands-on training workshops, and free, downloadable “How-To” guides. Developed in partnership with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries,our series of webinars provides online support to animal welfare professionals and shelters in need of additional training to care for birds that enter their facilities.  Visit our Shelter Resource Center for more information.


  • AWC Resource Center – Our dynamic website serves as a comprehensive resource for captive bird welfare complete with downloadable brochures, posters, and articles on a wide variety of articles. 


  • Humane EducationLucky: Based on a True Story,  an educational children’s book that gently awakens children to the plight of captive birds and birds captured in the wild. the book’s dedicated website includes lesson plans and a variety of activities for children, educators, and parents. 

    Public Outreach & Education – Exposure and speaking engagements at national and regional conferences, including Taking Action for Animals, Empty Cages, HSUS EXPO, and The Association of Avian Veterinarians.  We also support a host of activities in celebration of National Bird Day and in connection with our educational children’s book, LUCKY: Based on a True Story.

    Working with organizations such as the NYC Bar Association Legal Committee Pertaining to Animals, Foster Parrots, Ltd., the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, and Tufts AAV Student Chapter, we organize special educational events, including film screenings, conferences, workshops, and webinars.   Visit our photo gallery or follow us on Facebook for details. 

    Advocacy  - The AWC Board addresses a range of issues -- from irresponsible portrayals of birds in the media, to abuse and neglect cases -- and to support responsible legislation aimed at protecting birds in captivity and in the wild.

    Consultation – We offer advisory services to humane societies, animal protection organizations, avian rescue groups and to federal, state and local agencies needing assistance on matters related to captive exotic birds.  Contact:


AWC also played a key role in developing the following initiatives:

  • Passage of State Bill AB202 to restrict the sale of unweaned birds in California.

  • Proposed standards of care for birds not bred for research under the Animal Welfare Act. (USDA regulations currently pending)

  • Peer-reviewed standards for the care of exotic birds for the Association of Sanctuaries (TAOS) Manual of Accreditation and for the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries Best Practice Standards of Care and Operationfor Sanctuaries.

  • The Captive Wildlife Platform and Position Paper for The Animals Platform - a project of Animals and Society, a blueprint to help advance the legal status of animals in the arena of public policy and to help strengthen animal protection laws at the local, state and federal level.

  • AWC board members worked with leaders in the national and international animal protection field to found The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) an accrediting organization formed to help strengthen and support the work of legitimate animal sanctuaries worldwide. www.sanctuaryfederation,org


Collaborating for Success!

AWC partners with animal advocacy organizations, avian rescue and conservation groups, members of the veterinary, wildlife and animal sheltering communities, and government agencies.  Our goal is to bring about social, legislative, and public policy changes that will improve the lives of captive birds and protect birds in the wild.


Public education that highlights the difficulties associates with keeping exotic birds as “pets” –and a clear message that, birds are more beautiful wild—has been sorely lacking:  the AWC fills this need.